Elinor has worked as Marketing Director, Product Marketing Manager, and Sales Operation Manager in the Israel high-tech industry since 1996. Elinor established CommuniTech in order to develop best practices and domain expertise, with a special emphasis on Product Marketing for global companies, so as to utilize her personal strength in this domain.

Today CommuniTech is concentrating on placement of, and training for, Marketing and Sales position worldwide. Growing up in Paris gives Elinor a clear advantage while helping Israeli organizations in placement projects for their European subsidiaries. Before founding CommuniTech, Elinor was the marketing director at the Israeli Mobile Association (IMA), Global Director of Marketing at Personeta, and Product Marketing Manager at Amdocs, from where she has a vast and global network of candidates.

Elinor is graduated from Tel-Aviv University and Swinborn University of technology in management and Entrepreneurship and is a Pragmatic Marketing Certified.

Board Members

Warwick is a founder and the vice president of marketing and business development at Equivio, a company specializing in software for managing data redundancy.

Before founding Equivio, Warwick was vice president of product marketing at Amdocs, the world's leading provider of billing systems to the telecom industry.

Warwick holds an Honors degree in Politics from the University of Western Australia and a master's degree in Political Thought from Tel-Aviv University in Israel. He has also completed advanced post-graduate business studies at
Bar-Ilan University in Israel.


Mr. Zamir is a marketing consultant to high-tech companies in various industries, specializing in providing clients with comprehensive marketing strategies, defining respective work plans and supervising their successful execution.

He previously held positions as VP Marketing for Yoggie Security Systems, Paradigm Geophysical, VocalTec (NASDAQ: VOCL), and Pango Systems BV.

Mr. Zamir extensive experience also includes serving as Head of Global Marketing at CellGlide, Head of Marketing Communications at Amdocs (NYSE: DOX), and Director of Corporate Communications and Customer Care at Scitex (NASDAQ: SCIX).

Prior to that he had spent 10 years on Madison Avenue, New York, as Creative Director for Grey Advertising and for the Young & Rubicam advertising agency.