• Meeting our customers - We meet our customers at their companies: HR teams, Marketing, Sales and BD managers who are recruiting the required positions.
  • Knowing our customers - We learn about the organization business model, structure, products, operations and culture.
  • Understanding our customers' needs - We review the desired position in depth and outline the specific skills required in order to select the most suitable candidate.
  • Matching candidates for our customers - We search for candidates that have the right skills and experiences before we refer them for an interview, which saves time for both companies and candidates, and assures a high probability of an ultimate match.
  • Checking references - We interview the candidates' previous managers and colleagues so as to insure that we create the optimized match.
CommuniTech brings proven added value in local and international positions:
  • Marketing (Executive, General, Marcom, Web ,Designers)
  • Product Management / Marketing
  • Sales (Executive, Pre/Post sales , Sales Engineers)
  • Writers (Marketing ,Technical , Proposal)
  • Account and Project Managers
  • On-line Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Business analysts
  • Partners and Channel Management
  • Support

Our Benefits

  • More than 30 years of experience in versatile High-Tech industry roles
  • Deep knowledge of the roles of Product Marketing/Management and BD
  • Networking: Extensive acquaintance with relevant candidates
  • Placement of local and international candidates

Our Uniqueness

With proven background in the High-Tech industry, start-ups as well as established corporates , CommuniTech not only understands the detailed definition of the positions we handle, but also the needs of your entire organization around those positions.

Being in touch with more than 200 High-Tech companies in the last few years gives CommuniTech a clear advantage in finding for you the desired employees.

Training: Product Marketing and management Experts

Pragmatic Marketing: Market-driven training
Twice recognized as one of America's fastest growing private companies by Inc. Magazine, Pragmatic Marketing teaches seminars and on-site workshops to product management, marketing and executive leadership teams at thousands of technology companies around the world. Supporting our customers is a full-service consulting team and an extensive online community. More than 45,000 alumni have learned the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, a market-driven approach to creating and launching technology products.
For more information visit www.pragmaticmarketing.com.